MaxiTrans lauds progress on Trout River efficiencies

New Queensland production and Victorian improvements underscore progress

MaxiTrans lauds progress on Trout River efficiencies
MaxiTrans acquired the Trout River brand in December 2018


Improved processes at the Hallam facility in Victoria while producing live bottom trailers at Richlands in Queensland has seen MaxiTrans reduce Trout River trailer delivery time by more than half since it acquired the brand last year.

The trailermaker lauded the streamlined manufacturing efficiencies which have resulted in a significant reduction in delivery time for the specialised trailer model.

Trout River Australia general manager Rodney Wells highlights starting the production of the live bottom trailers in Richlands marks a demonstration of the maker's commitment to local manufacturing.

"By streamlining production of the Live Bottom Trailer we are able to provide our customers with even greater access to the product, and now with the added benefit of shorter lead times.

"We are also proud that, while production of our Live Bottom Trailers has become more efficient, we have been able to continue to deliver the same high level of quality the product is known for."

How MaxiTrans is pressing on in troubling economic times

Live bottom trailers provide operators with an alternative to conventional tipping and side-tip trailers with a specialised capability to unload bulk commodities via an interior conveyor belt system.

The conveyor belt system can safely discharge material in just minutes while moving, creating an accurate spread when required, while a live bottom patching unit is also available that can maintain load temperatures.

"These trailers are ideally suited for working in environments with low hanging electric cables or construction sites with height restrictions," Wells says.

"The wide diversity of specialised applications means bulk material can be delivered with accuracy and safety in a wide variety of applications and the Live Bottom system can be configured to trailer or rigid variations." 


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