BTS 19: Vawdrey’s innovations

By: Cobey Bartels, Photography by: Nathan Duff

Brand's auto lock and load deck system draws plaudits

BTS 2019-2393.jpg

Family-owned business Vawdrey has 45 years’ experience in the trailer game and the innovations just keep coming.

At the last Brisbane Truck Show, Vawdrey took the industry by storm with the LatchLiner buckle-less curtain system, showing the company could offer a faster, safer future within the trailer space.

Well, they’ve done it again this year, showcasing the new auto lock and load deck system, offering a faster, safer deck handling solution.

BTS 2019-2394.jpg

Wave goodbye to operators standing under the deck, with the new system replacing manually adjustable support brackets with a system that ratchets through each locking position on the mezzanine deck posts when lifting.

Vawdrey claims the new system also saves around 10 minutes for each deck movement and reduces the risk of injury.

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