Nikola states its case at launch event

Two prime movers, refuelling plans, off-roader and boat feature at Nikola World

Nikola states its case at launch event
A Nikola Two struts it stuff before the Nikola World crowd


Nikola conducted its open day just before Easter, unveiling publically its heavy-duty Two and day-cab Tre hydrogen-electric prime movers in the metal.

Also in the mix for the nascent US alternative-fuel vehicle manufacturer were the NZT off-road vehicle and an electric boat to go along with the Nikola One truck launched earlier.

The US company’s long-awaited vehicle launch included details of its hydrogen refuelling plans for 700 facilities within nine years, which follow the opening of it first such facility in Arizona.

"We recently opened our first hydrogen station at our Phoenix headquarters," executive vice president of hydrogen Jesse Schneider says.

"We are leading the way and working with industry and other OEMs to develop hydrogen standards to enable fueling in less than 15 minutes.

"The goal is safety and interoperability, so that anyone can fuel at our station. This is a big deal."

Read how Nikola explains the propulsion thinking behind Two and Tre, here

As flagged during its initial announcement on the Tre, that version is being aimed at Europe, with Asian and Australian markets to be a later focus.

"With a range between 500 and 750 miles depending upon load, this gorgeous vehicle will have fast hydrogen fueling in under 15 minutes, even in Europe," Nikola president Mark Russell says.

"Think about Europe with no more diesel trucks.

"The roads will be clean, quiet and beautiful."

All of the vehicles have been built for the future with autonomous driving hardware in place, the company states.

At the conclusion of the night, Milton reflects on the small, but mighty, team that started Nikola five years ago in his basement with an idea.

"We now have five products in development that will change transportation for the better," he says.

He then unveils "the most advanced commercial truck the world has ever seen, the Nikola Two".

The Nikola Two was driven on the demonstration track on the second day of the Nikola World event.

The company says there are currently more than 13,000 Nikola trucks on order.


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