Mercedes-Benz goes mirrorless with new concept

MirrorCam innovation to get local debut at Brisbane Truck Show

Mercedes-Benz goes mirrorless with new concept
An Actros without traditional mirrors


Mercedes-Benz is set to unveil a truck that, instead of using traditional mirrors, deploys a system of aerodynamic cameras connected to two large screens in the cabin.

The MirrorCam system will be presented at the Brisbane Truck Show (BTS) and is said to "dramatically boost driver vision" through the increased range of vision that can be displayed on the two screens in the cabin, and the lack of a physical mirror blocking some of the view.

Daimler also says the system can improve fuel efficiency as the small camera pods that replace the regular mirrors reduce drag.

The new-generation truck, which will soon be delivered in Europe, features a new multimedia interface system with two high-resolution tablet-style screens that can be customised for driver preference, as in some Mercedes-Benz cars.

It also includes new features including GPS-assisted Predictive Powertrain Control.

"Mercedes-Benz has further improved driver control over a range of systems with new touch control buttons added to the steering wheel, which allow drivers to change what information is displayed on the two large screens," the company says.


Mercedes-Benz says it will also present a new sleeper cab concept in Brisbane with an "innovative" interior cab layout called the SoloStar Concept.

Read more about Mercedes-Benz's plans for the SoloStar, here

Mercedes-Benz will also feature the RoadEfficiency innovation at BTS.

"RoadEfficiency is a complete package of services and innovations that combine to lower the total cost of operation, as well as saving time and boosting safety," it says.

"This is enabled by increased connectivity, advanced safety systems, maintenance programs and flexible finance options."


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