Volvo in Swedish tyre monitoring trial

Volvo Trucks is looking at new ways to use machine learning to help businesses get more out of their vehicles

Volvo in Swedish tyre monitoring trial
Volvo Trucks is testing a tyre temperature monitoring scheme in Sweden


Volvo Trucks is testing a service that measures both the pressure and tyres in real time in a move it says will help take care of potential malfunctions before they interfere with a customer’s business.

The Sweden-only trial is one of many ways the company is trying to apply machine learning in order to accurately predict and prevent unplanned stops.

Results of the tyre measurements can be measured through an app, Volvo says, helping both drivers and owners identify slow punctures and avoid possible tyre explosions causing unplanned stops and high costs.

"In addition, the new service also enables lower fuel consumption and more mileage from each tyre due to securing the correct pressure and temperature," the company says.

"The tyre management service will be rolled out successively in the European markets."

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Volvo Trucks vice president of Uptime Markus Efraimsson says new technologies present the company with a number of exciting opportunities to provide customers with optimal service planning.

"We're looking at uptime from a customer perspective. Our focus is really to secure that the customer has no unplanned stops," he says.

By using advanced computer modelling and analytics, the company aim to be able to identify hidden patterns to predict component failures far in advance, making it more likely that the required service or repair can be done during a scheduled service visit for maximum truck uptime.

Volvo Trucks is also performing a test pilot including several other components for select customers – analysing data from trucks in real time with the aim of predicting component failures before they occur.

The next step is to gradually introduce machine learning – a form of artificial intelligence that makes it possible to collect and analyse large amounts of data to learn more about the health and performance of the truck, and many others in everyday use.

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