Mercedes-Benz launches van recall

V-class fault means airbags may not inflate in accident

Mercedes-Benz launches van recall
Concerned customers can contact their nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership to arrange replacement parts


Mercedes-Benz has recalled 77 vans over a fault that could cause airbags not to inflate in an accident.

The recall affects V class vans sold Australia-wide between April 1 and June 30 last year, with a list of the vehicle identification numbers of affected vehicles available here.

The Product Safety Australia website says the swivelling feature of the vans’ front seats could cause the wiring loom fasteners to detach under the seat – which could lead to the unintentional inflation of the side airbag.

"The red SRS light will illuminate and in the case of an accident the airbags will not inflate, increasing the risk of injury to vehicle occupants," the website says.

Mercedes-Benz also had to recall seven Sprinter vans earlier this month over missing welds. Check out our story here

The recall will run concurrently with that of 53 GLE 250 passenger cars sold between May 1 and July 31 last year, over potential oil loss from the vehicles’ transmission lines.

"If the oil leaks onto the roadway it can cause an accident for the following traffic and if the oil leaks onto hot parts of the exhaust system it can cause a fire," Product Safety Australia says.

Vehicle identification numbers of the affected vehicles can be found here. 

In both cases, concerned customers are encouraged to contact their nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer to arrange an inspection and repair of the vehicle.

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