Axles lead Iveco to Acco recall

Axle width exceeds Australian rules and will be replaced, but do not pose a safety risk for owners, Iveco says

Axles lead Iveco to Acco recall
The oversize axles can be fixed quickly, Iveco says


Iveco Trucks Australia has recalled 388 Acco Trucks sold in Australia and overseas over an issue with the vehicles’ front axles.

The Hendrickson Steertek front axles of the vehicles in question, sold between May 29 2009 and June 30 2015, exceed the width requirements of the Australian Design Rules by about 10mm.  

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All vehicles on Australian roads must comply with the relevant Australian Design Rules under the Commonwealth Government’s Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989.

An Iveco spokesman told ATN that the axles did not pose a safety or performance issue for vehicle owners, saying it could be fixed very simply.

The company will replace the front axle wheel hubs for non-compliant axles on affected vehicles – consumers can contact Iveco Trucks on 03 9238 2780 for further information.

Visit the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Product Safety website here to see a list of Vehicle Identification Numbers for the affected vehicles.


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