Volvo places dual clutch on regional truck market

I-Shift Dual Clutch seen as offering seamless performance through the gear changes

Volvo places dual clutch on regional truck market
A Volvo image of the I-Shift Dual Clutch system


Volvo Trucks Australia claims an Australasian heavy truck first with the I-Shift Dual Clutch’s unveiling.

Now available in Australia and New Zealand on specific models, the system promises uninterrupted power delivery, torque maintenance and speed during gear changes, more comfortable and efficient on-road progress for the driver the promised outcome.

Volvo Trucks notes the move is the result of strong customer interest in Volvo Trucks technology.

"Volvo Trucks invests heavily in talking to customers and getting to know exactly what they need. I-Shift Dual Clutch is a product that our customers asked for – we listened and we are delighted to give them exactly what they want," sales vice president Mitch Peden says, little more than a week before he departs for Malaysia.

"In situations that require a lot of gear changes, I-Shift Dual Clutch brings an entirely new dimension to truck driving."

As Volvo Trucks explains it, the transmission consists of two input shafts and a dual clutch, which means that two gears can be selected at the same time. It is the clutch that determines which of the gears is currently active. I-Shift Dual Clutch is based on I-Shift, but the front half of the gearbox has been redesigned with entirely new components.

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I-Shift Dual Clutch is seen aiding transport of moving or liquid cargoes, such as animal transports and tanker operations, since the seamless gear changes prompt less movement in the cargo itself and there is said to be less risk of getting stuck on slippery or uneven roads, such as when hauling timber in the forest.

"I-Shift Dual Clutch allows seamless gear changes without any interruption to power or loss of speed, and delivers smooth acceleration when driving uphill, even on a slippery road," Peden explains.

"Ultimately it cuts wear on powertrain, tyres and the rest of the truck, while also saving on fuel as the engine disengages when going downhill.

"I-Shift Dual Clutch has already proven very popular with truck drivers in Europe as it gives a more comfortable ride with smooth gear changes, and without dips in torque the noise level in the cab is reduced.

"For trucks, this gearbox will truly make a major difference to driveability. The heavier the transport and the tougher the operating conditions, the more you will gain with I-Shift Dual Clutch.

"Power-shift gear changes, where there is no interruption in power delivery, means it is easier to keep up with traffic, especially on tricky stretches of roads. The result is more relaxed and safe driving."

I-Shift Dual Clutch will be available for ordering from today on the Volvo FH with Euro 5 D13 engines and with 500hp (373kW) and 540hp (403kW).

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 Volvo Trucks details the dual clutch innovation this way:

  • similar to technology already available in cars, I-Shift Dual Clutch can be described as two gearboxes linked together. When one gearbox is active, the next gear is preselected in the other gearbox. During gear changing, the first gearbox is disconnected at the same instant as the second gearbox is connected, so gear changes take place without any interruption in power delivery
  • I-Shift Dual Clutch is based on the I-Shift transmission. Despite its many new components the new gearbox is just 12cm longer than a regular I-Shift unit
  • Shift Dual Clutch changes gear without any disruption to power delivery. When driving in conditions where it is more optimal for the transmission to skip a few gears, the transmission changes gear just like a regular I-Shift unit
  • I-Shift Dual Clutch can change gears without any interruption in power delivery, with the exception of the range-change, which takes place when shifting from 6th to 7th gear
  • smooth, gentle gear changes cut wear on the driveline and the rest of the vehicle
  • fuel consumption with I-Shift Dual Clutch is the same as with regular I-Shift
  • I-Shift Dual Clutch will be available on the new Volvo FH as an alternative to I-Shift and manual transmission.

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