Teletrac Navman in EWD push post FatigueHack

Software firm sees the technology as one part of trucking safety puzzle

Teletrac Navman in EWD push post FatigueHack
Teletrac Navman vice president – transport solutions Andrew Rossington


Teletrac Navman is looking to make progress in the Australian electronic work diary (EWD) market in the wake of last month at FatigueHack event.

The global software-as-a-service provider plans to submit its Sentinel electronic work diary to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

After releasing its final consultation report last week, the NHVR will begin accepting applications to approve electronic work diaries for use from May 28.

FatigueHack sponsor Teletrac Navman says the event delivered some surprising insights, as interested parties work-shopped and then pitched solutions to better manage driver fatigue.

"Two big takeaways from the hackathon are that work diaries are just one piece of the puzzle in understanding fatigue by tracking work hours and secondly, the driver should be more able to determine his or her own state of fatigue," Teletrac Navman vice president – transport solutions and FatigueHack judge Andrew Rossington says.

"Hearing from people outside the transport industry revealed that we also need to use technology and other methods such as health and social initiatives to tackle the physical and mental side of fatigue, not just in terms of compliance."

The software firm states that fatigue rules vary between states and territories, making it difficult for drivers to accurately calculate appropriate work and rest times.

"In line with this, Teletrac Navman believe that fatigue solutions should offer additional value-adds other than simply counting time," it says.

"This should include features such as providing historical data and forward looking views to assist drivers and allocators in managing work.

"The upcoming changes to Chain of Responsibility legislation mean that all people in the chain will require better and more trustworthy solutions to remain compliant and meet obligations."


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