Loose bolts lead to UD Quon recall

Spare tyre could fall off the carrier unless checked, ACCC says

Loose bolts lead to UD Quon recall
Volvo Group is contacting the owners of 42 UD Quon trucks over their spare tyre carrier bolts


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has recalled 42 UD Quon trucks after finding the fastening torque for the spare tyre carrier bolts could be insufficient.

The fault was due to an improper assembly process for the vehicle, the ACCC said in its announcement.

If left unaddressed, the fault could cause a spare tyre to fall off the carrier - potentially posing a hazard to other road users. 

The recall came less than a week  after another recall of the UD Quon, this one due to an electrical fault that could cause the vehicle’s headlights to suddenly turn off.

UD parent company Volvo Group is contacting all impacted vehicle owners by direct mail, with a list of the vehicle identification numbers for impacted trucks available here.

Any concerned vehicle owners urged to contact their nearest authorised Volvo Group Australia repairing dealer for more information.


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