Weld seam issue for some Actros and Arocs trucks

Concern that rear axle housing may be weakened leads to limited recall

Weld seam issue for some Actros and Arocs trucks


Sixteen Mercedes-Benz trucks are affected by a product recall over an incorrect weld seam.

The problem relates to a deeply contoured weld seam on the rear axle housing that was not welded correctly during the production process on certain Actros model 963 and Arocs model 964 vehicles, the alert reads.

"The incorrect weld could decrease the amount of force the rear axle housing is capable of withstanding/transferring and could lead to a crack formation and breakage, increasing the risk of an accident for the occupants and other road users," it says.

Owners are advised to contact their authorised Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle dealership to have the rear axle housing replaced free of charge.

The VIN numbers of affected trucks: WDB96302420165373, WDB96403820146984, WDB96403820138957, WDB96403820182736, WDB96403820146986, WDB96302420138064, WDB96302420138065, WDB96302420138066, WDB96302420138067, WDB96302420164718, WDB96302420176795, WDB96302420177184, WDB96302420177185, WDB96403820146985, WDB96302420138063, WDB96302420169888.


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