Weight down in MaxiCube upgrade

MaxiTrans improves thermal conductivity, tare weight in refrigerated van range

Weight down in MaxiCube upgrade
Upgrades to the new Maxi-Cube Classic have resulted in a thermal efficiency improvement over the previous model of up to 5% on a standard 22 pallet reefer, translating to improved performance, integrity of carried product and fuel efficiency for owners.


MaxiTrans has launched a new version of its MaxiCube refrigerated van, including what the company says is an optimised tare weight and a leading thermal conductivity, or K-value, following a range of thermal efficiency upgrades.

MaxiTrans products and markets general manager Kevin Manfield said the company had improved the way it built the trailer through modern manufacturing techniques and the use of composite material.

"We’ve been able to reduce the tare weight by up to 250kg on a standard 22 pallet reefer, providing better payload and improved fuel efficiency," Manfield says.

"We have also improved the thermal breaks, which means inserting a material with low thermal conductivity between internal and external materials to reduce the thermal path between inside and outside temperatures, to better assist with keeping the cold air inside the trailer.

"The inclusion of a fully moulded door seal, increased insulation via a redesigned front wall and floor module, as well as fibreglass dress cappings in the interior corners, further add to the thermal advantages," he said.

According to the company, these improvements meant the thermal efficiency of the new Classic was up 5 per cent on a standard 22 pallet reefer.

Other upgrades to the MaxiCube Classic include a lightweight full width skid plate, which enables drivers to unhook the trailer at sideways angles rather than straight on, as well as its modular design, which enables the skid plate to be easily repaired or replaced without damaging the trailer floor.

The inclusion of a full length chassis from bumper to skid plate, offering greater strength over alternatives, and a reinforced floor and rear frame, coupled with stainless steel rear corner castings, help make the MaxiCube more resilient to impact during docking.

The company also re-engineered the MaxiCube floor module, increasing the internal height by 25mm without compromising on tare weight or strength and durability.

A number of upgrades have been included with safety in mind, including brighter internal LED lighting for greater visibility when loading and unloading, as well as a redesign of the double loader bars.

Manfield says the new double loader bars were 50 per cent lighter than in the previous design, making them easier to manoeuvre into position and assisting with better work health and safety.

"What’s more, we’ve also been able to increase the load rating from 500kg to 670kg per pallet space," he adds.

Featuring the company’s rack and pinion rollback system for fast and reliable loading and unloading, the body is lifted off the rollers when left in the forward position, which helps to extend roller life, MaxiTrans said.

The new MaxiCube Classic is available in Ambient, Reefer, Freezer, Chiller and Hi-Cube Reefer models, at no cost over the previous standard MaxiCube Classic model, the company says.


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