Blayney Cold Storage and Distribution hails remarkable forklift life

New forklifts might be 'too good'

George Tanos
George Tanos

Australia’s largest regional cold storage and distribution company says it has doubled the life expectancy of its forklift fleet since switching to Crown forklifts eight years ago.

Blayney Cold Storage and Distribution – which incorporates SeaLink, Blayney Wholesale Foods and Barrett’s Wholesale Foods – supplies a range of food products to over 2000 trade customers daily throughout central and western NSW.

Managing director George Tanos says forklifts have been a constant challenge for the business due to the varied environments they’re required to operate in.

This includes a minus 23°C warehouse, retail and wholesale operations and the SeaLink rail siding.

"We move a lot of stock every day and unless we have the latest and greatest it’s not going to work for us."

The business is now using a line-up of Crown lift trucks including CG Series internal combustion forklifts, FC and SC Series counterbalance electric forklifts and PE Series rider pallet trucks.

Tanos says previous to moving to Crown a forklift would typically last two to three years.

"They would barely last through their warranty period," Tanos says.

"We’ve used some of our (Crown) forklifts for eight years and they’ve done a massive amount of work."

Crown Orange1

According to Tanos the new fokrlifts have twice the life expectancy of other forklifts they’ve used.

"Whether that’s a good thing for Crown or not I’m not sure. They’re making them too good!"

Tanos says the fleet also performs better in daily operations.

"Quite a few competitors we’ve tried don’t have the capacity that the Crown forklifts offer, and you don’t want operators tipping and tilting their forklifts.

"It’s not just about long they last, it’s about how they perform while you’re using them."

Crown’s vertical integration in manufacturing mean 85 per cent of components for Crown forklifts are made in-house.

Blayney Cold Storage and Distribution has recently taken over a linehaul business to expand to national distribution, and will soon open the largest goat export operation in the world.

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