Rides offered in electric Tesla truck next month

By: Cobey Bartels

Tesla Semi electric truck to be unveiled next month, Musk tweets

Rides offered in electric Tesla truck next month
The menacing styling of the front end of the Tesla Semi.


Elon Musk has announced in a Tweet, his preferred method of communication, that the hotly anticipated Tesla Semi electric truck will be unveiled on October 26 in Hawthorne, California.

The Tweet tells us that test rides will be offered, so this is a working model, although specifics on the powertrain are not yet known. 

Last month, Tesla announced the wheels were in motion for on-road car automation and it has been widely speculated this truck could feature certain automated features.

Musk has previously said the Tesla Semi offers ‘sports car’ performance and believes it can outperform a traditional diesel engine.

"With the Tesla Semi, we want to show that an electric truck actually can out-torque any diesel semi. If you had a tug of war competition, the Tesla Semi will tug the diesel semi uphill," Musk is quoted by the TED media organisation as saying.

Things like range, power and torque figures, tare weight and almost all other crucial details are yet to be revealed.

Musk had originally nominated September for the unveiling.

We’ll bring you updates as we find out more.

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