Transcheck to sort out documentation says Zumpe

By: Anjali Behl

Service launched at CTAA Conference aims to ease compliance task

Transcheck to sort out documentation says Zumpe
Denise Zumpe says verification task is a burden


A new safety management system, Transcheck, has been officially launched at the Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA) Contactor Management Conference in Melbourne today.

The new system is the brainchild of safety specialist Denise Zumpe, who has more than 20 years' experience in the operational health and safety sector.

The new technology platform and mobile application is designed to allow:

  • fleet operators and prime contractors to keep track of all the necessary safety and compliance documentation related to sub-contractors
  • drivers to verify their licence and compliance status using an online platform.

Zumpe says Transcheck will allow managers to keep track of important information such as driver licences, insurance documents, accreditations, vehicle maintenance records and registrations.

For prime contractors, Transcheck is like an outsourcing tool that checks, verifies and maintains all the necessary legal documents for each sub-contractor they engage, Zumpe says.

For drivers, it promises to be an easy way of maintaining their safety and compliance records that can be accessed by any company they engage with.

Transcheck does follow-ups and updates relevant information where necessary, with a driver's status varying from approved, to pending or rejected.

"I know from first-hand experience that transport companies spend hours requesting work-ready information from sub-contracted fleet operators and owner-drivers to verify their safety and compliance status," Zumpe says.

"And, it’s a constant job as licence renewals, registrations, insurances, vehicle maintenance records, and other necessary documents fall due at all different times.

"Transcheck will take care of all of that for road transport operators.

"You will log-on to the Transcheck web portal and see how many fleet and owner operators you are using, how many drivers and vehicles are approved, a photo of the driver, photo of the vehicle, and other work-ready information you need such as MSIC [Maritime Security Identification Card] clearance, inductions and mass management.

"For drivers, it’s all done via a mobile phone app.

"Download the app for free, set up your account, fill in the required information and upload photos of your documents.

"Transcheck will verify everything is current and the driver will be given ‘approved’ status. Transport companies and drivers ‘connect’ and you’re ready to go."

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