Ron Finemore Transport places largest Benz order

Actros numbers to be joined by more than two dozen Freightliner Coronados

Ron Finemore Transport places largest Benz order
Ron Finemore Transport has committed to a large order of 95 Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner trucks.


Ron Finemore Transport has become the first Australian fleet to lock in a large order for the latest generation Mercedes-Benz trucks.

The family-owned transport company has committed to 68 of the Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks and 27 Freightliner Coronados, over the next 12 months.

"Ron Finemore Transport is one of the leading freight companies in Australia and places a strong focus on safety, fuel economy and reduced emissions, as well as the comfort of its drivers," Daimler Truck and Bus MD Daniel Whitehead says.

"We are excited that Ron Finemore Transport identified the strengths of the Freightliner and Mercedes-Benz products and has chosen them to fulfil its varied freight requirements."

Ron Finemore Transport executive chairman Ron Finemore has been particularly impressed by the new generation Mercedes-Benz Actros that he says has been performing strongly in his fleet for almost a year now.

"The Mercedes-Benz 1418 helped make a lot of early Australian operators, including myself," Finemore says.

"My hope is that the new Mercedes-Benz truck proves to be the 21st century equivalent of that great truck.

"The true test will come after the lifespan of the truck is complete, from the moment of purchase and delivery through to when it comes time to move them on, because we are particularly focussed on the aftersales service and support and the total cost of ownership.

"At this stage, nearly one year in, the trucks have performed extremely well and Daimler has delivered a high level of support."

The Mercedes-Benz models operate in a wide range of roles across the Ron Finemore Transport fleet, including single trailer, B-double and refrigerated freight applications.

The first depot to take on the new-generation Mercedes-Benz truck was Orange, whose drivers operate on some of Australia’s toughest transport terrain.

The Orange fleet runs mostly 510hp versions of the new generation 13-litre in-line six-cylinder Benz engine and while it meets stringent Euro 6 emissions standards, it’s still got plenty of pull.

They also operate the 530hp version of the same engine in some of the B-double operations and the company has been impressed with the fuel economy results.

Ron Finemore Transport Group Fleet and Maintenance Officer, Laurie Brothers, says drivers stand behind the decision to run Actros trucks.

"The new Actros has great drivability and the drivers have welcomed the new fleet with open arms," Brothers said.

"We still operate some previous generation Actros 2648 and 2655 units and those drivers are eagerly awaiting the next arrival of Actros 2651 and 2653 product later this year."

The Orange depot also operates Coronado B-double fuel tankers up to 61.5 tonnes, which have been fitted with additional features including additional step and grab-rails for increased driver comfort and safety.

"This is our second generation of Freightliner Coronado product and we learnt a lot from the first fleet to enable us order a slightly different specification with Freightliner’s support and we are now seeing the benefits," Brothers said.

"The drivers welcome the space in the cab and the maneuverability of the vehicle in and out of tight delivery sites throughout central western NSW.

"They are also very impressed with the power and the way it handles the tough climbs." 

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