Graham Lusty's super trailers

By: Anjali Behl

MD James Yerbury (left) with founder and CEO Graham Lusty
Graham Lusty Trailers’ latest transporter has been custom-built for the Red Bull Holden Racing Team
Engineering room upstairs
The new trailer has a custom-built side loader
Interior view of the Red Bull Holden Racing Team transporter

Founder of Graham Lusty Trailers talks to us about the company’s plans for the future and its latest race car transporter


Graham Lusty Trailers (GLT) displayed its new custom-built transporter especially designed for the Red Bull Holden Racing Team at the 2017 Brisbane Truck Show.

Designed by the company’s in-house Brisbane team, the transporter highlights the company’s "ability to push the boundaries of trailer fabrication".

We caught up with GLT CEO Graham Lusty and marketing manager Simon Frederiksen during the Truck Show to find out more about the company’s future plans and its new race car transporter.

Lusty says the company has seen excellent growth over the past 12 months, with both demand for products and volume of inquiries up.

GLT now has two factories – one of which produces aluminium bodies and steel chassis and the second factory does fitouts of the trailers, which is also the pick-up location for its customers.

Last year, the company built custom-designed car transporters for Triple Eight Race Engineering and since then, Lusty says, the company is seeing much interest from various prestige car transporters across Australia.

"After making the B-double transporter for Triple Eight Race Engineering, we’ve had massive interest in it and we now have three-four more to make, plus we have another five-six customers who are wanting pricing and design work down on different parameters for different cars and so on," he says.

Aside from building custom-designed transporters, the company is still focussed on producing quality tippers as its "main" product. GLT currently has close to 120 trailer orders due to be built over the next six months.

Red Bull

With founder Graham Lusty having more than 40 years’ history with race cars, the company began manufacturing customised race car transporters over a year ago.

By May 2016, the company had already built six aluminium car transporters for racing team, Steve McFadden. 

Although the previous instalment of transporters was "exceptional", the new race car transporter custom-designed for the Red Bull Holden Racing Team seems to be a step up.

Triple Eight Engineering says it was impressed with Graham Lusty Trailers’ experience and skill in trailer manufacturing, which is why when looking for a company to execute its plan for the trailer it chose GLT.

"We had seen the work they had done recently on other trailers, and we liked their construction methodology, especially the use of aluminium to try and make the trailer lighter, and the quality looked very good," the company says.

Some of the highlights of the Red Bull Holden Racing Team transporter include:

  • a custom-built side loader
  • electronically actuated lay flat doors
  • multiple trailer functions controlled by a smart device
  • custom-built electronically actuated stairs to maximise storage area
  • custom-built 400kg lift to access skid plate area
  • 300mm pop top with mirror finish glass windows
  • heavy duty sliding glass door
  • custom-built lift system for servicing the generator
  • Dhollandia tailgate lift imported from Europe.

The new transporter is designed to withstand Australian conditions without succumbing to issues like rusting or fluid leakage.

Exciting times ahead

Lusty says he has full confidence in the team as he passes the reins of GLT to James Yerbury, who was recently appointed as the new managing director.

Lusty, who will turn 75 this year, says he will be stepping down from day-to-day role to work a few days a week as of end of June. However, he will continue to remain the CEO of the company.

As he moves into an advisory role, he is optimistic of the future of the company.

Although currently a majority of GLT’s business is carried out across Queensland and New South Wales that could soon change with the company’s ongoing expansion plans. The business is keen to expand across to the western coast of Australia, with a new factory and service depot near Perth.

"We have a couple of major customers in Western Australia but they would like to see us have a backup over there. I think we’ll sell far more trailers in WA once we’ve established a factory and a service depot over there," Lusty says.

With that in mind, GLT has partnered with WA-based Regal Engineering and Line Boring Pty Ltd to set up base across the multiple sites operated by the company.

The partnership will also see GLT offer servicing out of Regal Engineering facilities in Perth, Kalgoorlie and Port Headland.

The Perth facility, which is due to become Graham Lusty Trailers’ WA region headquarters, will also have a manufacturing unit.

Although operations are not due to begin until later this year, the company has disclosed that the first trailers delivered out of the Perth factory will be its Allison HD series.

As Lusty says with a grin, "Exciting times ahead for the company."


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