Benz gears up for both new Sprinters

Mercedes-Benz Düsseldorf plant to build new version and become ‘competence centre’ for electric-drive Sprinter

Benz gears up for both new Sprinters
The Düsseldorf plant from the air


Mercedes-Benz will send the new Sprinter van and its electric version down its Düsseldorf production line, the lead plant for these vehicles.

The firm says the move comes following agreement between management and the works council.

"We are now beginning a new chapter in the Düsseldorf Sprinter story," Mercedes-Benz Vans head of operations Frank Klein says of the plant.

"Electric drive systems are a key technology when it comes to urban transport – especially in the commercial environment."

Benz sees the move as helping to "future-proof" the plant.

Düsseldorf site and production manager Armin Willy saying it is "taking another step towards future mobility and expanding our diversity when it comes to drive systems, too".

Benz says that over the next few years Mercedes-Benz Vans will invest around €150 million (A$225 million) in electrifying its commercial range, based on the Vito and the Sprinter.

The business unit can make use of existing modular construction technologies deployed by Mercedes-Benz Cars and benefit from economies of scale.

At the Düsseldorf plant, about €300 million is being invested in the production of the next-generation Sprinter.

"The relevant employees are undergoing training to prepare for work on the electric Sprinter and other technological developments," Benz says.

"The company and the works council have also agreed to carry out measures to increase flexible working and boost efficiency."

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