Fuso launches new Super Great in Japan

By: Rob McKay

Make’s updated heavy duty model features many Daimler technology innovations

Fuso launches new Super Great in Japan
The new Super Great


Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) has unveiled its new Super Great heavy duty truck in Japan.

The move, in conjunction with new buses, represents the model’s first comprehensive revamp in 21 years and the truck is equipped with the new automatic mechanical transmission (AMT) as standard, a first in that country, along with Daimler technologies also used in other brands.

"These flagship vehicles feature state-of-the-art technologies that enable best in class fuel efficiency, safety and comfort that will make them the first choice for customers and their drivers alike," MFTBC president and CEO of and head of Daimler Trucks Asia Marc Llistosella says.

"At the same time, we invest heavily in our dealership facilities and the training of our sales and service staff, to ensure that our customers get the best overall package to make them successful in their business.

"I am confident, that with this revolution at Fuso we will be able to gain significant market share."

Whether the vehicle will arrive on these shores is unclear at present, with a Fuso Australia spokesman saying decision has yet to be made while the make’s offering undergoes a review, which is likely to take a while.

In Japan, the new model takes two types of newly developed "extremely light" and "small-displacement" engines, the 10.7 litre 6R20 and the 7.7 litre 6S10.

A newly-developed 12-speed automatic mechanical transmission (AMT), the "ShiftPilot", is installed in all vehicles.

Safety include the "ABA4" brake and the "Active Attention Assist" monitor that "detects pedestrians ahead, developed as a part of the evolution of the MDAS-III technology for monitoring driver driving attention", and "Active Sideguard Assist" for the left blind spot.

"Proximity Control Assist", with automatic stop and start functions, comes in addition to auto cruising, equipped with a function to maintain the safe distance between two vehicles, and is also new to the Super Great.

The optional "Powertrain 3-D forecast control," for forecasting road gradients through GPS, and 3-D map information during auto cruising, assures low fuel consumption during cruising and improves economy and over-all comfort.

Telematics function "Truckonnect" is now standard and provides real-time information through the customer’s own computer systems.

Positions of vehicles, cruising routes and problems such as vehicle failure, and accidents can be checked using this function. It also allows real-time determination of safe truck driving by drivers.

"We firmly believe that the new Super Great will be a product that will become an industry benchmark, satisfying customer needs for economy, safety and comfort and even leading to AMT becoming an industry standard," Makoto Tanno, the director of the retail operations Fuso Japan, Mitsubishi Fuso Sales Japan, says.

"With the introduction of our new telematics service Truckconnect, we provide another industry first in Japan, that continuously connects our customers and their fleets. 

"We will further develop Truckconect into a full connectivity ecosystem, which enables new efficiencies and provides new profit-streams for our customers."

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