Ramco hopes for rapid expansion across Australia

By: Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi

It has secured five T&L contracts and plans to continue to grow by a customer per quarter

Ramco hopes for rapid expansion across Australia
Ramco's Oceania head office was launched in Melbourne in November last year.


Ramco, which has been operating for almost 20 years globally, has steadily been making a mark in Australia, offering its enterprise cloud services on a single platform.

Having recently launched its new office in Melbourne serving its Oceania headquarters, Ramco has focused on global payroll and logistics – a key reason behind its growth in Australia.

Adding SeaRoad Holdings and GMK Logistics to their customer list, Ramco has won the trust of some of the largest conglomerates and businesses due to its single platform, Ramco CEO Virender Aggarwal explains.

"We entered Australia at an opportune time when businesses in the region were looking for alternate options to help them embrace the digital transformation wave," Aggarwal says.

"Our thrust on innovation and bringing simplicity into enterprise applications has been a key value differentiator."

The key changer for Ramco is that its technology is built in the cloud, for the cloud and sits on a single platform.

Its first enterprise resource planning (ERP) product was browser-based and born on the cloud.

Ramco’s solution helps customers avoid multiple systems and procedures, reducing cost and offering mobility at a cheaper rate.

Companies can save up to 40 per cent in costs by switching to the one-platform provider, Aggarwal says.

"It’s also the efficiency in their operations," he adds.

"Customer satisfaction can dramatically improve."

Ramco’s cost is based on users, which is per employee a month.

The starting rate is $3.99 per user.

With 35 overall Australian customers on its books, Ramco’s logistics software offers an integrated cloud-based platform for third party logistics, freight forwarders and parcel/courier service providers seeking high-performance logistics software.

It is an integrated end-to-end solution that links every stage of a logistics chain and brings all the functionalities under a single technology platform which is flexible, scalable, cognitive and ready to adapt to change.

It allows users to create unique workflows based on their needs, has an in-memory planning optimiser, is inbuilt with mobility and analytics and with integrated and functional command centres.

"It all comes in a simple package," Aggarwal says.

"Right now, companies have separate software for warehouse, separate software for fleet management, for HR and payroll and finance.

"Putting one simple software makes it all familiar in one single place. It is a very configurable product. If you’re a big company and a truck comes in you’ll have some security person at the gate who will check the load whereas the software lets you do whatever is there – it’s based on what your needs are."

A niche market

With no existing customer presence in Australia, Ramco saw the Australian market as fair game despite its relative maturity on the ERP front.

Aggarwal, who joined the company in May, 2012, is the former executive of offshore outsourcer HCL Technologies.

With a team of 35 staff in Melbourne and Sydney, Ramco provides local technical support to Australian customers.

Whether the timing to enter Australia was right, is difficult to say: "It was a leap of faith, we started small," Aggarwal notes.

"We took a risk. I think we must be having a compelling value proposition for getting so many customers on board.

"These are not small businesses either, for somebody to spend this much money with a small company means they must have seen a very compelling value proposition in us," he adds.

GMK Logistics went live with Ramco’s software last Christmas says  as it was looking for a technology that understood its needs and complemented its requirements.

"Ramco scored ahead of all others, be it by reference from their existing clientele in the region, by the comprehensiveness of the product offered, and by offering cloud, mobility and in-built analytics," it states.

"We are confident that with the right technology partner like Ramco we will improve our efficiency and accelerate our growth."

Ramco logistic software automates the manual process pertaining to GMK’s key supply chain operations by providing modules for better management of warehousing and transportation, freight and fleet, purchase and inventory, integrated with finance and HR in one unified structure.

It is Ramco’s first foray into Western Australia.

"From our entry and first win in 2012 which garnered us the coveted ISG Paragon Awards for innovation, we have come a long way," Aggarwal says.

"The win at GMK Logistics further strengthens out logistics footprint and will pave the way for more growth in the segment."

Technology expansion

Small business, innovation and trade minister Philip Dalidakis says Ramco’s decision to set up its Oceania office in Melbourne will help Victoria’s growth in the technology sector.

"Ramco’s decision to base their Oceania HQ in Melbourne strengthens Victoria’s growing reputation as a leading destination for global business and tech investment," Dalidakis says.

"The Andrews Labor Government is bolstering Victoria’s push to be the number one tech destination across the Asia Pacific and Ramco’s innovation and logistics presence in Melbourne will help us do this."

Since its launch in Australia, Ramco has seen a record growth in business, with this market contributing 11 per cent to the overall revenue in FY 2016.

Ramco says it intends to work with the government to transform Victoria into a pivotal business destination in the Asia Pacific.

With recent customers such as SeaRoad, AAI Philippines and Nationwide Couriers in Malaysia, Ramco has seen rapid growth in the logistics domain.

SeaRoad is set to replace its legacy system with an integrated suite from Ramco, covering transport, fleet, warehouse and hub management, logistics command centre, customer and vendor contracting, finance and accounting and human capital management including payroll.

"We have five clients in the transport and logistics sector and we think we can become the go-to company for logistics companies in Australia," Aggarwal says.

"The plan is to get logistics companies with 50 or more trucks to come and join us.

"We should have at least one client per quarter, so we should reach 15 to 20 within the next three years."

Read the full feature in ATN’s February edition.


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