New Panasonic Toughpad for T&L workers

Panasonic tablet Panasonic tablet

Productivity benefits spruiked of a combined mobile barcode reader, phone and tablet


Panasonic has revealed a new enterprise-grade mobile device, Toughpad FZ-N1.    

Designed to meet the needs of Australian transport and logistics workers, the three-in-one handheld tablet is "lightweight and powerful", and equipped to withstand temperature and environmental changes, the company says.

The new product combines the productivity benefits of a mobile barcode reader, phone and tablet into one device, built to protect against drops, heat and cold, vibration, dust and rain, it adds.

The launch follows a UK-based study that analysed health issues faced by workers using mobile devices.

The study revealed that "over half (52 per cent) of workers surveyed in the field suffer from repetitive strain injury and 63 per cent experience wrist or arm aches and pains."

Panasonic says the new device includes and "ergonomic angled barcode reader" that is designed to improve user comfort.

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