Germany plans electric truck trials

Trial will involve using overhead power lines to feed electricity to the vehicles

Germany plans electric truck trials
The hybrid Scania G 380 used at the Swedish trial last year.


Germany’s federal environment ministry has announced plans to fund two separate electric truck trials before the end of 2018.

German new service Verkehrsrundschau reports that the trials will be held on two 12km routes in the states of Schleswig-Holstein and Hessen, respectively.

"The project is trying to find answers to the question how the expected surge in freight traffic across Europe can be managed with minimal damage to the environment," the news service reports.

"According to the German Federal Government, rail services will only be able to handle 20 per cent of the projected growth until 2030, so most of the work will be deferred to the road."

The trial will involve using overhead power lines to feed electronic trucks travelling underneath, a technology that was on display during a similar trial in Sweden last year.

The project is currently in planning stage and more details are expected to emerge later this year.

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