Yojee adds job solution to logistics platform

New solution targets delivery drivers through job-by-job navigation flexibility

Yojee adds job solution to logistics platform
Yojee's Octo+ solution.


Logistics and supply chain management solution supplier Yojee has expanded its offering to include a flexible job management feature.

According to the technology company, which develops blockchain-enabled software, Octo+ lays out a driver’s journey into multiple legs, allowing for greater freedom and flexibility should they encounter late jobs changes.  

"Octo+ is a great new feature that will provide delivery drivers with more autonomy to manage their jobs, whether they are scheduled within a multi-leg delivery sequence or as individual deliveries," Yojee’s managing director Ed Clarke says.

"By breaking down the legacy job management process into smaller chunks, Octo+ gives drivers flexibility to manage their own deliveries, allowing them to accept impromptu jobs and to fill spare capacity.

"This form of dynamic, incentivised scheduling benefits drivers and companies by generating higher revenues within shorter time frames."

The new program forms part of the company’s philosophy to tackle problems in proactive and adaptive ways, Clarke says, encapsulated in a methodology of ‘design thinking’.  

"Creating Octo+ demonstrates how Yojee’s design-led approach allows us to be agile with our technology development in order to give users effective solutions to the challenges they face," Clarke says.

"By applying this mind-set, we remain both solution-focused and action oriented as we quickly understand our partners’ needs and translate those needs into desired outcomes that benefit all.

"I am confident that our process of continuous testing, learning, understanding and refining stands Yojee in good stead for creating an intelligent, market-leading platform of choice that is pivotal to our goal of creating a collaborative logistics economy."



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