Yale unveils FB15-35RZ Series forklift

Electric truck features ‘Curve Assist’ cornering speed control system

Yale unveils FB15-35RZ Series forklift
Yale’s new FB15-35RZ, which mirrors the conventional MX engine-powered models


Yale has hailed the arrival of its new FB15-35RZ Series electric counterbalanced forklift truck.

The company has highlighted the new FB’s a cornering speed control system that it dubs ‘Curve Assist’ and a raised steer axle, together aimed at increasing stability.

"Curve Assist automatically reduces truck speed based on the load and steer angle it detects, providing more efficient operation," Yale says.

Also aiding handling is a standard synchronous steering function "that ensures that the steering wheel always returns to the same ideal position for forward driving after a turn".

Other features include regenerative braking and a battery operating life of up to 8.5 hours in standard performance mode and 9.5 hours in economy mode.

A drop battery box layout aims to provide improved accessibility to it and the unit’s motors and controllers. A horizontal battery extraction option is also available.

The range comprises seven models, from 1500kg to 3500kg capacity, and with a variety of lift heights and fork spreads. There are also three wheelbase options and a range of turning radiuses.

FB Series includes a travel and hydraulic Interlock system that disables the truck’s functions if the seatbelt is removed by the driver or if he or she leaves the seat.

Other safety benefits include an optional Blue Pedestrian Awareness Light (PAL) that alerts pedestrians and users of other equipment that a forklift is operating in their area.

"The new FB Series provides a range of electric trucks that mirrors the conventional MX engine-powered models, while delivering the many benefits of electric operation," Yale Pacific general manager Ian Neilson says.

"A number of key components are shared between both model ranges, including a common drive axle and mast assembly, ensuring the new models will be durable and perform to customers’ expectations and meet Yale’s own high standards.

"This shared technology is complemented with some innovative features such as ‘Curve Assist’, regenerative braking and self-centre steering, the combination of which makes for a very well-rounded new product offering."   

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