Dematic launches AGV series offering

Global logistics equipment supplier announces range of Automated automated guided vehicles

Dematic launches AGV series offering
Dematic has a range of Automated Guided Vehicles.


Supply chain technology supplier Dematic has unveiled a range of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), which it says will "significantly reduce materials handling operating costs and virtually eliminate the potential for workplace incidents".

The company says manufacturers and distributors are able to move single or double pallets of stock with the new AGVs safety and accurately across all hours in warehousing and distribution centres as the vehicles are driverless.

The "benefits include significantly reduced labour costs and on-going damage to equipment and stock, together with improved supply chain reliability and traceability.

"For businesses running multiple shifts, the return on investment is rapid."

The AGV range includes forklifts, unit load, very narrow aisle (VNA), and specialty vehicles, with reach up to 10.7m high (specialty masts can go higher) and a variety of battery and charging options, such as automated battery changing systems and opportunity charging during operation.

The whole AGV network in a business is run via the Windows-based AGV Pallet Management System (PMS), a software solution that can accommodate standard wireless networks and be integrated into a Warehouse Management System (WMS).

According to the company, "the AGV PMS controls the flow of product from production to storage to despatch, automatically tracking all product movements, providing accurate and up to date data at any time.

"The system also interfaces directly with associated production and materials handling systems including robotic palletisers, conveyors and automated truck loading systems."

When it comes to added safety features, Dematic says it can include auto-stop proximity sensors to remove any chances of collisions with staff members or other equipment.



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