Crown unveils MPC 3000 Series lift trucks

Crown lift truck MPC 3000 ATN Crown lift truck MPC 3000 ATN
Crown lift truck MPC 3000 ATN2 Crown lift truck MPC 3000 ATN2
Crown lift truck MPC 3000 ATN3 Crown lift truck MPC 3000 ATN3

Warehouse equipment maker has a new offering for order-picking and product lifting


Material handling manufacturer Crown Equipment has launched the Crown MPC 3000 Series of lift trucks, claiming it offers the benefits of an order-picker and a counterbalance forklift.

Featuring a Crown AC traction motor, the MPC 3000 Series is capable of travelling at 12.5km/h and lifting 1,200kg to 4.3m.

The lift truck series has an all-round solid steel construction, uses long-life load wheels, and features an I-beam mast construction, clear-view fork carriage, and overhead guard.

Crown has also included automatic cornering speed and acceleration control depending on steer wheel angle, fork height, and load weight.

"The new Crown MPC 3000 Series combines a high-lift, clear-view mast with an outrigger-free counterbalance design and an ergonomic ride-on platform; a combination that creates a versatile, multi-purpose lift truck capable of performing tasks usually requiring more than one piece of equipment," Crown says.

Covering activities from order picking to replenishing low-level pick slots from high-level storage, Crown product engineering development and support manager Michael Croxford says the MPC 3000 Series is capable of streamlining workflows.

"With the MPC 3000, Crown has delivered a state-of-the-art machine capable of performing multiple warehousing tasks such as order-picking and sandwich-stacking multiple pallets while reducing the amount of equipment required," Croxford says.

"It is also capable of simplifying the put-away process at the receiving facility in certain applications.

"Combined with its ergonomic refinement, reliability, durability, and operator safety features expected of Crown equipment, the MPC 3000 is capable of reducing operating costs and saving time in a number of applications."

Crown says optional lift and lower buttons can be situated on the backrest to "offer even better vantage points for positioning loads both on and off the truck," and customers can choose from "a wide range of optional Work Assist accessories, enabling them to customise forklift trucks for specific requirements and create an even more ergonomic and user-friendly working environment."

The Crown MPC 3000 Series include Access 123, e-GEN braking, and electronic steering.


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