Dematic launches new warehouse racking solution

The Colby Push-Back Pallet Racking system from Dematic holds six pallets in a ‘first in, last out’ model

Dematic launches new warehouse racking solution
Dematic's Colby Push-Back Pallet Racking solution.


Warehouse engineering company Dematic has unveiled the Colby Push-Back Pallet Racking solution, a high-density storage option for warehouse operators.

The new solution stores up to six pallets on carts mounted on inclined rails inside the racking, meaning as a pallet is withdrawn by a forklift, the next pallet automatically slides forward to replace it.

Operating on a  ‘first in, last out’ (FILO) model, Dematic says the Push-Back Pallet Racking provides "a great alternative to double-deep or drive-in racking because it makes great use of space, while still allowing fast and easy access to stock."

Built for bulk storage, order consolidation, and dispatch, Dematic storage equipment director Tony Woodlock, says the rigid-frame carts run on large wheel bearings, rails hold the carts in place by enclosing the wheels and stopper plates secure pallets.

"We understand that safety and optimal equipment lifespan is a key focus for warehouse operators and that’s why we are committed to developing the best products possible," he says.

According to the storage company, the Colby solution features a diamond-slot profile, for a strong and efficient interlock between upright and beam; front and rear upright protectors to reduce damage; and rack end protection for employee safety.


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