Inaugural Moffett World Championship to crown top forkie

A test of skill and safety knowledge, the Moffett World Championship will hail one operator above the rest in October

Inaugural Moffett World Championship to crown top forkie
The Moffett World Championship.


Truck-mounted forklift drivers are being called to compete in the inaugural Moffett World Championship, a challenge to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Hiab subsidiary.

The first of its kind, the competition is open to all owners and operators of Moffett forklifts and will put competitors through a course to test their mounting and dismounting skills, their ability to perform safety checks, handle obstacles and carry loads to dedicated locations.

It is a chance for operators to both test and improve their skills according to senior vice president, truck-mounted forklifts, Hiab, Keith Quigley.

"As the market-leader in truck-mounted forklifts, this competition is the ideal way to challenge Moffett truck operators, who are our ambassadors worldwide, to hone and demonstrate the skill with which they use Moffett equipment in their everyday working lives, delivering goods to their customers," Quigley says.

The criteria of the time-based test will be drawn from the Moffett Training Academy, who set the course and the scoring system, and will mark operators on precision and efficiency in confined spaces.

The guidelines will penalise combatants for mistakes such as safety infringements, misuse of equipment and a lack of awareness.

Moffett believes the perfect round would take an operator five minutes and 30 seconds, a figure achieved by a Moffett professional, named the ‘Mystery Moffett Operator’.

"This competition is not for the faint hearted," Quigley says.

"We invite our Moffettambassadors to step up to the challenge, and show everyone just how good they are. But only the best will have the chance to challenge the Mystery MoffettOperator on his home turf."

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For those who make it through the qualifying rounds, the final will be held in Dundalk, Ireland on October 23-25 to award the winner and the runner-up with trophies.

Moffett will also be awarding the best operators with decals to display on their own units, announcing them as the ‘operators of the year’.

Heats for the event are being held in Australia, Germany, France, the UK, Ireland, the US, South Africa, Sweden, Finland, and The Netherlands.

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