Beattie Transport’s NHVR delay pain continues

By: Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi

Trucks and cargo stuck as permits expire and paperwork mounts

Beattie Transport’s NHVR delay pain continues
BT's trucks were stuck in the Northern Territory


South Australian operator Beattie Transport (BT) is still counting the cost of loss after waiting for almost 20 days to receive a permit.

The heavy haulage interstate operator says the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s (NHVR) inability to process permit applications had a significant impact on its operations.

BT had applied for 15 permits after the NHVR’s disastrous start to regulatory operations. Only 13 of those were approved, with the longest taking 18 days to process.

BT General Project’s Manager Syd Redfern says not only has his workload increased because of the paperwork required to lodge a permit but his customers were also affected as vehicles that were stuck in the Northern Territory during last month’s rainfall couldn’t move due to expired permits.

"They should have been able to travel on the expired permit but they couldn’t because they were caught in a position where it was a natural disaster and they couldn’t move for two weeks," Redfern says.

"To me it’s just stupid. We have to have systems and methodologies in place to be able to get the country moving again.

"It’s just illogical to have permits that expire and then have to go back to the process. The police in the area should be able to extend permits because of natural disasters."

He believes the regulator should restart only when it’s ready.

"Proof will be in the pudding, it’s still early days.

"The regulator needs to get a national system in place before they bring it all back on board which would then eliminate a lot of the rationale between the stakeholders such as road managers for specific improvements.

"It’s alright to say we will have one national system but it’s a load of rubbish because the rules in South Australia are still the same as they were the day before the regulator took over."

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