Recall over Isuzu transmission control module

Potential jumping problem in F- and N-series trucks when starting ignition with parking brake off after being left in gear

Recall over Isuzu transmission control module
Transmission control module concerns on F- and N-series trucks

Product Safety Recalls Australia has issued a recall notice for more than 3,700 Isuzu F- and N-series trucks.

The notice warns that the vehicles could unexpectedly move slightly if the transmission has been left in gear, and the driver doesn’t wait for the transmission control module (TCM) to initialise.

It points out that normally after the ignition key is turned on, it takes approximately one second to initialize the TCM – in other words, for the electronics to go through their start-up motions.

However there is a potential problem of jumping if a truck has been turned off and parked with a gear engaged in "D" or "M" in the previous driving cycle, and then the driver quickly turns the ignition key from the "Off" to "Start" position within one second before the TCM is initialised.

The notice warns that in both F and N-series trucks, if the parking brake is not applied, the vehicle could slightly move unexpectedly when the driver shifts the lever to the "N" position before starting the engine.

In F-series trucks only, the same thing could happen even if the gear shift lever is positioned in "D" and the brake pedal is not depressed, because the starter motor will operate for a fraction of a second.

The notice says a letter is being sent to affected customers and advises that for further information, contact your local Isuzu dealer.

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