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Ports and waste management sectors on RSRT radar

Tribunal plans to investigate wharf and ports operations, fuel sector and the waste management industry in 2015.


The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) is planning to pack its agenda in 2015 with a raft of new investigations into more areas of the transport industry.

RSRT president Jennifer Acton is proposing to inquire into the wharf and port sectors, the waste management industry and the oil, fuel and gas sectors as part of the tribunal’s third annual work program.

The RSRT is now seeking feedback from industry by December 12 before releasing a final program for the year ahead.

“The timetable and processes for the conduct of the inquiry in this third annual work program will be published on the Tribunal’s website as they are developed,” a written statement from Acton says.

The tribunal is required to prepare a work program annually identifying areas it intends to investigate in the next year.

Following investigations, the RSRT has the power to issue road safety remuneration orders to stipulate terms and conditions individual sectors or the entire industry must meet.

The RSRT is also planning on spending part of 2015 finishing current inquiries into the supermarket sector, long distance operations and the cash-in-transit industry.

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) lodged submissions to the RSRT urging it to investigate the cash-in-transit and the oil, fuel and gas sectors.

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