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Poor record prompts truck operator raid

Police issue two major and 14 minor defect notices, plus infringement notices


New South Wales police and heavy vehicle taskforce officers have raided a skip-bin operator across three Sydney locations on the back of recent crashes.

Using the name Operation Keno, the police conducted a compliance audit on 57 vehicles at Auburn, Smithfield, and Mortdale locations yesterday issuing two major and 14 minor defect notices and a number of infringements.

The cause of the defect notices ranged from oil leaks to issues with body chassis.

When it came to infringements, the police say they found a suspended driver, an unlicensed driver, and two trucks breaching weight limits.

Three other infringement notices were handed out, but details were not released.

From the drug testing conducted, the police found one driver tested positive to cannabis and is facing a court date.

The cause of the raid was two-fold according to Traffic & Highway Patrol Command assistant commissioner John Hartley and Roads and Maritime Services general manager of compliance operations Paul Endycott.

Hartley says the raid comes on the back of recent events.

“Trucks operated by the company have been involved in two serious crashes and 19 other crashes, so it was necessary to conduct today’s operation to ensure that safety of trucks, and drivers, is their priority,” he says.

While Endycott says the raid was as a result of received intelligence detailing concerns from within the company.

And he says the result of the operation has “strengthened our resolve to take a closer look at this sector with the aim to improve vehicle and driver compliance.”

“It is critical these companies comply with laws and they honour their obligations to operate vehicles safely on the road, for the benefit of all road users,” he says.

“We have used the model to great effect with the bulk tanker sector in changing a culture where non-compliance was the norm, to a culture of ownership of the issues representing a sector that seeks continual improvement.

“We will work to support and drive that culture change.”

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