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Polish operator brings up Scania digital truck sale milestone

Scania has created digital truck sales history in Poland after an operator purchased a new tractor using the tool

A Scania Polish customer has become the first Scania customer to buy one of the company’s trucks by using a new digital sales site.

Styku Transport Łukasz Styczeń, a haulier based in north-western Poland, used the online tool to order a 4×2 truck tractor with 13-litre engine and Scania Super driveline, which was delivered in December.

It is the first sale to result from Scania Polska’s pilot of the new service, which is being developed by the Sales Digitalisation Team in Södertälje and aims to simplify the purchasing process for those customers who want the more straightforward truck specifications.

The pilot has seen the Sales, Pre-Sales and IT team in Poland identify likely customers who buy long-haulage truck tractor units, who are nearing the end of a lease period or have reached a certain mileage with their current vehicle.

The team then sends them a link to a truck that they have proactively identified would suit the customer’s needs and tastes, allowing the customer to tailor about 30 different choices according to their need, ranging from vehicle components to R&M, connected services and payment method. This is how Styku Transport Łukasz Styczeń concluded the deal for its next truck.

“Buying online is coming. We need to embrace the benefits and not fear it,” says Bruce Atkinson, one of the core team of Concept Developers that have been working on the digital pilot since it was initiated in early 2022.

Senior concept developer at Scania sales digitalisation Emil Jungnelius says: “Historically, our industry and our customers have been quite conservative when it comes to the customer digitalisation journey, but we all know digitalisation is happening and it will help all of us in different ways.”

At Scania Polska, there’s a real sense of pride at having the first customer to buy a Scania truck online, according to Adrian Łapczyński, who is now a Sales Specialist but was previously a Product Specialist at the Pre-Sales department when the pilot began in early 2022.

“We are really proud of this milestone, and we are proud that we have such an innovative team. We also appreciate that our colleagues from Scania CV AB see us as an open market for this innovation,” he says.  

The next stage for Łapczyński and his colleagues in Poland is to keep promoting this exciting new digital approach.

“Scania Polska will be sending out more invitations to develop this tool because we would like to be ahead of our customers’ expectations in this new way of buying a vehicle,” he says.

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