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Permit proposal would shift road maintenance costs on to industry

Victorian Government MP believes council permits should include requirement on developers to maintain roads

By Brad Gardner | November 29, 2013

A Victorian MP’s proposal to alter council permits would give local governments the power to shift road maintenance costs onto developers.

Liberal MP Simon Ramsay used a speech in the State’s Legislative Council to float a plan he believes will help councils maintain roads that experience high levels of heavy vehicle traffic.

Ramsay, who holds the seat of Western Victoria, believes businesses establishing precincts that require heavy vehicle movements should be partly liable for making sure the roads being used are kept up to standard.

“I have to say that with farming businesses getting bigger and the need for B-doubles and heavier transport to use some of these minor roads, it is always going to be a challenge for councils to continually maintain and upgrade the roads when such heavy traffic is using them,” Ramsay says.

“That is why…when you are creating precincts where there will be a requirement for heavy vehicle movement, councils should be given the opportunity to have within their permit conditions a requirement for the developers of those precincts to take some responsibility for the roads in those areas.”

During his speech, Ramsay welcomed the Victorian Government’s $160 million in additional funding to rural councils to help them maintain and upgrade some of their minor roads.

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