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Optimus Group announces acquisition of LINX Cargo Care Autocare Services

Optimus Group is continuing to grow in Australia with another acquisition, this time of a business from LINX Cargo Care

The Australian branch of Optimus Group has announced it has entered into an agreement to fully acquire the shares of the Autocare Services business from LINX Cargo Care Group.

Optimus Group, as a publicly listed company on Tokyo’s Stock Exchange, has revealed it will acquire 100 per cent of the Autocare Services business’ shares.

As one of Australia’s largest automotive logistics providers, Autocare Services has also been providing comprehensive end-to-end automotive solutions to the industry for more than 60 years.

These services range from vehicle transport and storage to processing for some of Australia’s largest OEMs and automotive dealerships.

Optimus Group Australia chief business development officer (CBDO) Darren Bowler says the acquisition of Autocare Services is a significant milestone for the group and aligns with its diversification strategy.

It also reinforces Optimus’ commitment to expanding its business portfolio and capabilities in Australia’s automotive logistics sectors.

“We’re thrilled about the acquisition of Autocare Services from LINX Cargo Care Group,” Bowler says.

“This strategic move aligns with our vision to grow and diversify Optimus Group. Autocare Services is Australia’s most extensive, fully integrated vehicle logistics solutions provider and has more than 60 years of delivering exceptional services in the Australian automotive industry.

“We’re excited by the opportunities that Autocare Services brings to Optimus Group and we look forward to integrating their expertise into our operations to better serve our current and future business partners across the entire automotive supply chain.”

Under the agreement, Optimis Group will use its resources and industry knowledge to enhance the service offerings of Autocare Services.

Bowler says he expects the partnership to bring synergies that drive operational efficiencies between both brands.

“Optimus Group operates a global business model in the automotive sector, with operations spread across Japan, New Zealand and Australia offering a full range of end-to-end automotive solutions,” Optimus Group Company president Nobuya Yamanaka says.
“This acquisition clearly demonstrates Optimus Group’s dedication to expanding its presence and delivering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the automotive industries within Australia.”

The acquisition of Autocare Services joins Optimus Group’s recent purchase of Australia’s largest privately owned automotive dealership groups AUTOPACT.

It also recently acquired the controlling interest in the digital online automotive sales platform Auto Trader New Zealand.

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