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Ofload takes on Scotts carriers and shippers

After Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics filed for bankruptcy last week, Ofload has taken on the load and is offering to further help the industry

Following Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics filing for bankruptcy, logistics company Ofload has leveraged its network to connect impacted carriers and shippers and find opportunities for employees.

Sydney-based logistics start-up Ofload is stepping up to support former shippers, carrier sub-contractors and employees of Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics. Ofload is using more than 1,600 carriers to help find new opportunities for the customers, drivers and employees affected. 

“At Ofload, we understand the challenges the logistics industry is facing right now and that the sudden closure of a business has a massive impact on partners and employees,” Ofload founder and CEO Geoffroy Henry says.

“That’s why we are committed to helping those who have been affected by the closure of Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics find new opportunities and continue their careers in the logistics industry.”

Having recently completed Series B fundraising and the acquisition of CIA Logistics, Ofload says it has the required expertise and resources to help the employees, carriers and shippers affected by this unfortunate news. 

Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics oversaw the delivery of 8,000 pallets every day, meaning the loss of this capacity could have a major impact on the Australian supply chain.

Ofload, with a network of more than 130 refrigerated carriers with available capacity, can quickly help alleviate the pressure for shippers that relied on Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics to keep Australia’s supermarkets stocked with fresh produce this Easter. Any impacted shipper can reach out to Ofload for a fast-tracked onboarding to access the Ofload carrier network. 

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In addition, through its network of carriers, Ofload is working to connect former Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics employees with opportunities across its carrier network to keep qualified and experienced truck drivers and logistics professionals in the industry.

The company has dedicated its People & Culture team to provide support and resources  to help these individuals navigate the job market and transition to new roles.

The closure of Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics also leaves a network of sub-contracted carriers without work. Ofload says its platform can connect these small and medium sized carriers with shippers in desperate need of the refrigerated capacity they now have to ensure Australia’s trucks keep running. 

“We understand that time is of the essence for shippers, especially those who need to get their products on the shelves quickly during the build up to Easter,” Henry says.

“Our digital solution is designed to provide fast and reliable transportation solutions and we are committed to helping our partners get their goods where they need to go, when they need to get there.”

Ofload’s efforts to support former Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics employees and shippers are just one example of the company’s commitment to building a more resilient and sustainable logistics industry.

By leveraging technology, data, and innovation, Ofload is helping to drive positive change and create new opportunities for businesses and individuals across Australia and beyond.

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