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NTI highlights best cab cleaning advice

Transport and medical experts share knowledge on keeping vehicles coronavirus free


A stronger focus on the essential value of truck drivers is driving a greater appreciation for keeping them out of coronavirus harm’s way.

Well-understood by the cream of professional drivers, the top tips for implementing stringent cleaning measures to stay safe during the Covid-19 outbreak is being shared by transport and medical experts.

And it doesn’t stop at trucks.

Many families still need their car to get to work or pick up groceries, and transport and logistics insurer NTI notes it is important drivers know how to protect themselves from Covid-19.

Dr Ryan Harvey, clinical director of national telehealth service 13 Doctor, says the first priority has to be hygiene.

“The best practice a person can employ is general hygiene,” Dr Harvey says.

“Washing hands regularly with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds and regularly using hand sanitiser is the best way to combat germs and stop the spread of any virus.

“In your vehicle, consider having hand sanitiser in your centre console so it’s easily accessible.

“You’ll also need to regularly clean the interior of your vehicle. No special formulations are required, just soap and water and general cleaning products.”

NTI business relationships and operations manager Paul Burke points out that this is what Australia’s truck drivers have been doing.

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“Truck drivers are regularly cleaning the interior surfaces, focusing on areas they touch the most,” Burke says.

“The steering wheel is an obvious one but it’s important to also concentrate on the gear stick, door handles, seatbelts, radio controls, window switches and fuel filler caps.

“You can use disinfectant wipes for areas like the steering wheel if you wish but you want to make sure you don’t damage the vehicle’s interior, so steer clear of bleach or ammonia-based products.”

If the vehicle is still being used regularly, drivers should consider an air-conditioning sanitiser clean once a week.

“For peace of mind, drivers might consider sanitising their vehicle’s air conditioning system using a sanitiser/cleaner pressure pack,” Burke says.

“To do this, put the air con on the recirculate mode with the fans on full.

“Wind your windows up and release a can of sanitiser spray inside the car. Shut the car door and leave the engine running for about 10 minutes so the disinfectant can make its way around the car’s interior.

“We’ve also seen many truck drivers opt for protective plastic seat covers and disposable floor mats so they can make sure the vehicle stays clean.

“This might be worth considering for motorists, especially if there’s more than one driver using the vehicle.”


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