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NTC wants 2.4pc increase in truck charges

National Transport Commission recommends a 2.4 percent increase to the road user charge from July 1

February 11, 2011

The National Transport Commission wants the road user charge increased by 2.4 percent due to an increase in government expenditure on the road network.

The proposal calls for the increase to apply from July 1 this year, pushing up the charge to 23.1 cents a litre.

According to the NTC, government spending on roads and bridges across all levels of government has increased significantly in recent years.

“There is a strong link between increased investment in the road network and improving the productivity and safety of heavy vehicles,” it says.

“Revenue recovered through heavy vehicle charges contributes to building better and safer roads, such as providing high productivity vehicles with increased access to the road network.”

Stakeholders have been asked to respond to the proposal by March 11.

The federal transport and infrastructure minister is required to consult the industry on increases to the road user charge before any changes are made.

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