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NTC signs new partnership agreement with public transport body

The NTC and PTAANZ will both work together to deliver an improved land transport system in Australia

The National Transport Commission (NTC) has announced it has signed a partnership agreement with public transport peak body the Public Transport Association Australia (PTAANZ).

The chairs of the two bodies signed the formal partnership agreement late last week.

The partnership will form the basis of a strategic relationship between both parties so they can align activities of mutual interest, collaborate and exchange information to contribute to their work to improve Australia’s land transport system.

The partnership recognises PTAANZ and NTC’s mutual interests in improving the national land transport system in Australia. Both organisations hope their partnership will speed up progress on mutually important issues.

PTAANZ Chair Sally Stannard says the partnership will support the association in delivering its mission.

“By partnering with the National Transport Commission, PTAANZ is strengthening its ability to champion the future of sustainable mobility in this region by contributing our members’ expertise and insights to the national land transport reform agenda,” Stannard says.

NTC Chair Carolyn Walsh says the partnership will increase the impact made by both organisations on the national land transport reform agenda.

“The NTC PTAANZ partnership will amplify both our organisations’ efforts to achieve more sustainable, efficient and safer transport systems in Australia” Walsh says.

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