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NTC backs new supply chain safety code

ALC launches national initiative to reduce safety risks and promote OH&S compliance across the supply chain

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) today launched a national initiative designed to reduce safety risks and promote OH&S compliance across the supply chain.

The National Logistics Safety Code (NLSC), revealed during the ALC’s Annual Forum, draws on current safety management practices used by companies in the supply chain.

By launching the code, National Transport Commission (NTC) Chief Executive Nick Dimopoulos says the ALC is sending “a clear message to customers that participating companies are serious about safety”.

“The Code is a valuable tool for industry to reduce risks and improve compliance,” Dimopoulos says.

Signatories to the NLSC are required to manage risks across the supply chain, much like Chain of Responsibility provisions that bind all parties involved in the freight task.

Dimopoulos told the forum’s delegates the ALC’s drive to implement the code shows it is committed to playing a leading role rather than “passing the buck to government”.

“The National Logistics Safety Code is about industry putting its hand up, taking responsibility for setting safety standards and meeting their obligations,” Dimopoulos says.

During his speech, Dimopoulos also took a shot at short-term politicking, saying governments need to look beyond the election cycle when planning transport reform.

But he says moves toward a national transport policy represents “a new type of thinking” because governments are now focusing on the supply chain rather than addressing different transport modes separately.

“But in many ways transport policy I still viewed through the 3-year election cycle. NTC would like to see our thinking continue to evolve,” Dimopoulos says.

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