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NSW urged to include trucks in tolls rethink

NatRoad insists financial relief must go beyond cars


The New South Wales government is being urged not to forget the road transport industry when it considers options for making road tolls fairer for motorway users.

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) has made the call following reports that NSW premier Dominic Perrottet has asked the state Treasury department to examine options for further subsidies and concessions for motorists.

NatRoad CEO Warren Clark said he had contacted the offices of roads minister Paul Toole and treasurer Matt Kean to raise the issue.

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“It’s important that the trucking industry isn’t left behind on this,” Clark said.

“NatRoad gave evidence to a Parliamentary inquiry earlier this year that the excessively high tolls imposed by private companies were a disincentive to heavy vehicles using motorways.

“We advocated on behalf of industry for rebates or discounts for multi-use of tollways, and also the creation of an independent tolling authority to set fair prices.

“We acknowledged that the Perrottet government is under pressure to respond to criticism that NSW is among the world’s highest tolling jurisdictions.

“We are pleased that the government is having a re-think but there are two important facts from the road transport industry’s perspective.

“Firstly, for contractual or practical reasons, most operators have to absorb the cost of tolls and with most existing on a 2.5% profit margin, that’s making their lives harder.

“And what the heavy vehicle industry pays in tolls bears no relation to what’s being spent to maintain or improve toll roads.”

Clark said he was also encouraged by the NSW government seriously considering NatRoad’s call for the reinstatement of speed camera warning signs, made in a separate appearance before a Parliamentary inquiry.


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