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NSW unveils new wave of EV chargers

The first of 50 electric vehicle chargers in Sydney have been released, with more to come in the coming weeks

NSW transport has announced that commuters at select locations across Sydney will be able to charge their electric vehicles (EV) as part of the rollout of 50 chargers at transport hubs. 

NSW transport acting chief technology officer Kurt Brissett says through an agreement with Australian owned charge point provider JOLT, a fast EV charger has been switched on at a Penrith commuter park. 

Brissett says that chargers in Cronulla and Oatley will be delivered in the coming weeks. 

“These chargers will offer commuters a simple top-up option at train stations and other hubs, and we’re confident they’ll be very popular,” Brissett says. 

“It is important that we do what we can to support the transition to electric vehicles and encourage public transport use where possible. 

“In the past year, EV registrations have risen more than 150 per cent on average across NSW and more than tripled in Penrith.  

“We hope making it easier for drivers to top up charge as part of their commute will encourage this transition.” 

JOLT offers drivers a free seven kWh top-up for electric vehicles, or up to 45 kilometres worth of fast charging every day. NSW transport says it takes approximately 17 minutes each day to charge depending on the car. 

The chargers use certified GreenPower, which delivers energy directly from renewable sources or through certified offsets and isreportedlya convenient way for drivers to top their chargers up for free. 

Once users have reached the seven kWh, a cost of $0.46 will apply for each subsequent kilowatt hour. An idle fee of $1.00 per minute is also charged to vehicles that are still plugged in but are no longer charging. 

Brissett says dozens of fast chargers will be rolled out as part of the agreement over the coming months at commuter car parks and other convenient locations for commuters. 

“Motorists across NSW already have access to more than 820 public charging stations. However, these can often be far apart or can take hours to fully charge a standard electric vehicle,” Brissett says. 

“Rolling out the JOLT charging network will give motorists confidence knowing that they can quickly top their charge up when and where they need to.” 

JOLT CEO Doug McNamee says the rollout of NSW transport’s chargers represents a fantastic expansion of JOLT’s growing numbers of locations. 

“These state-of-the art, fast and free for seven kWh charging stations introduce a game changing solution for EV users, resulting in significant cost savings and allowing them to travel more freely,” McNamee says. 

“By using JOLT’s free charging top-ups, EV drivers could save more than $1,000 per year on their charging expenses, making EV ownership even more attractive to people looking for a convenient, sustainable, and cost-effective transport choice. 

“We’re really encouraging Australians to embrace EV technology, particularly as cost-of living pressures continue to rise.” 

The NSW government has invested $250,000 into the JOLT charger partnership. In addition, $209 million worth of EV infrastructure funding has been delivered as part of its EV strategy. 

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