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NSW Opposition backs bill to abolish trailer stamp duty

Bill to exempt trucking operators from paying stamp duty when purchasing new trailers passes the Legislative Assembly

By Brad Gardner | October 17, 2012

A bill to exempt trucking operators from paying stamp duty when purchasing new trailers in New South Wales appears destined to pass, with the Opposition backing the reform.

The State Revenue Legislation Further Amendment Bill has cleared the Legislative Assembly and has now been sent to the Legislative Council to be voted on.

Opposition MP Michael Daley says Labor supports the Government’s push to scrap stamp duty to discourage transporters from purchasing and registering trailers in other states that already provide stamp duty exemptions.

“We accept the revision of that and the proposition put forward in this bill which the Government says will encourage transport operators to purchase heavy vehicle trailers in NSW,” Daley, a former roads minister, says.

Treasurer Mike Baird introduced the Bill into the Assembly last month. He says the reform will provide an economic boost to NSW through higher registration revenue and more opportunities for trailer retailers.

“The application of stamp duty on new trailers in NSW is a key factor that encourages heavy vehicle operators to purchase and register their vehicles in other states, notably in Queensland and Victoria,” Baird told the Parliament when introducing the Bill.

“The exemption will see NSW come into line with Queensland and Victoria, which for a number of years have charged less or no stamp duty for heavy vehicle trailers.”

The exemption is due to take effect once the Bill passes both houses of Parliament.

The Government has already implemented registration rebates for tri-axle dollies, tandem-axle dollies and spare trailers to offset increased road user charges introduced on July 1.

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