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NSW fuel subsidy goes

NSW pulls plug on the Petroleum Products Subsidy Scheme

The New South Wales Government will pull the plug on the Petroleum Products Subsidy Scheme (PPSS), bringing to an end cheaper fuel for northern NSW businesses.

Under the scheme, fuel distributors received a subsidy based on their distance from the Queensland border, with towns such as Bonshaw receiving the full 8.35 cents per litre subsidy while other further south such as Manilla gaining 1.67 cents per litre.

According to the Australian Trucking Association NSW branch, trucking operators and motorists refuelling in these areas can now expect prices to rise by the amount previously protected by the PPSS.

The end of the subsidy, designed to protect fuel distributors from competition against Queensland companies receiving the 8.35 cent discount, will coincide with a new demerit system targeting unsafe driving.

Changes to the current method now mean motorists who inadvertently speed by only a few kilometres receive a drop in their demerit point penalty.

Motorists travelling between one to 10km/h will lose one demerit point and up to six points and suspension periods will be added for every 10km/h that are exceeded after that.

NSW Minister for Roads Michael Daley says the new bands have been designed to curb the number of speed-related crashes on the states roads by better reflecting the seriousness of the offence.

The new laws have no effect on other heavy vehicle speed offences such as the three strike scheme and Safe-T- Cams.

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