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NSW and Victoria review speed cameras

Victoria and NSW are reviewing the use of speed cameras

By Ruza Zivkusic | April 12, 2011

Victoria and NSW are reviewing the use of speed cameras to address concerns that they are simply used to raise revenue.

Victoria Roads Minister Terry Mulder is calling on the Auditor-General Des Pearson to review the state’s speed zones, while NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell has ordered an audit of every speed camera.

O’Farrell saying motorists have genuine concerns about speed cameras becoming “cash cows under Labor”.

“I am determined to restore confidence in road safety and part of that commitment includes the delivery of an additional 100 highway patrol officers and additional police vehicles,” O’Farrell says.

“If any of the state’s 172 fixed speed cameras are found to have no effect on road safety, they will be ripped out.

“The RTA has advised the NSW Government there are already some cameras it has targeted as ineffective and these will obviously be closely assessed in audit.”

The NSW branch of the Australian Trucking Association has welcomed O’Farrell’s announcement.

“The review should show whether the speed cameras are being used wisely. To get somebody that’s doing a couple of kilometres over the speed limit is ridiculous,” ATA NSW manager Jill Lewis says.

“But we welcome the NSW Government for their initiative into looking at speed cameras and that they are not just there for revenue gaining but for safety.”

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