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NQX launches direct Perth-Mackay service

Toll NQX switches from an ad-hoc service between Perth and Mackay to a dedicated weekly round-trip offering

September 30, 2013

Toll NQX trucks will now run direct between Perth in Western Australia and Mackay in Queensland on a weekly basis to meet growing customer demand.

The freight firm announced the new round-trip service today in favour of continuing with its ad-hoc approach.

NQX says the direct service, which traverses almost 4,800km between the two cities, saves up to two working days in transit and reduces freight handling.

“Time is saved through this direct service as we do not stop in Brisbane for transhipping. With less handling and saving up to two working days in transit, clients get an air freight-type service at a road freight cost,” NQX General Manager Greg Smith says.

This express service departs Perth on Friday and arrives in Mackay on Monday. Mackay to Perth departs Monday and arrives in Perth Thursday.

“Toll NQX has provided this service for some years on an ad-hoc basis and now demand is such that the new weekly service is required,” Smith says.

“There are many businesses supplying freight such as equipment and consumable goods to mining organisations operating in both Mackay and nearby Bowen Basin region as well as Perth.

“From customer satisfaction perspective, they are getting a faster service and there is less handling which ensures freight is kept in optimum condition.”

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