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NP on track to increase presence

NP Distribution to increase presence with new warehouse, as owner unveils software application to prevent arguments on bills with customers

By Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi | February 24, 2012

Transport and warehouse operator NP Distribution is aiming to increase its presence, doubling the size of its warehouse within the next year.

Managing Director Jim Lark plans to build another warehouse, about 14,000 sq m, near the company’s existing location in Dandenong South, Melbourne.

The family-owned and operated business was launched in 1995 and has grown nationwide, offering transport and warehouse management systems, pick and pack services and local and interstate freight.

Servicing major customers such as Woolworths, Lark says it is his principals that offer customers a “hands on approach” service.

He also plans to introduce a software application on his drivers’ phones to make their job easier and more efficient.

“It puts you in front of everyone else and it makes it easier for the driver and the customer. The customer will get notifications every time the driver is on his way there and they will also receive a notification if the driver has been in a certain place over a period of time,” Lark says.

“They will get warning emails if the driver has been there for too long and if they haven’t left within a certain amount of time they will get charged.

“It saves you from arguing when they get the bill. We try and make it user-friendly as possible and have no hidden costs anywhere.

“Any time there’s an additional charge they know about it before the bill actually comes to them. It just makes it easy for customers to budget.”

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