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NHVR relaunches heavy vehicle awareness campaign

The NHVR has relaunched its heavy vehicle awareness campaign with the help of some Australian icons

Following its success earlier this year, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has relaunched its ‘We ALL Need Space’ campaign to promote safely sharing the road with heavy vehicles during the holiday season. 

Comedian Jimmy Rees, ex-rugby league player Sam Thaiday, country music artist James Blundell, Outback Truckers star Glen Kendall and truck driver Casuarina Smith have all jumped onboard the campaign this time around. 

A recent study conducted by the NHVR, which surveyed 1000 drivers across Australia, found that 51 per cent of motorists experience anxiety or nervousness when driving near heavy vehicles. 

The survey revealed that while drivers believe they have some understanding of how to safely share the road with heavy vehicles, only 32 per cent feel very knowledgeable about the rules. 

NHVR’s campaign focuses on simple yet vital safety tips such as not overtaking trucks, caravan etiquette and encouraging light vehicle drivers to remember that trucks have much larger blind spots and need more space to stop. 

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto says that the campaign aims to encourage people to educate themselves so both motorists and truck drivers reach their destination safely. 

“During the festive season, we see an increase in road traffic and, unfortunately, accidents, so our We All Need Space campaign is our response, aiming to educate and remind everyone of the importance of sharing the road with heavy vehicles,” Petroccitto says. 

“Our truck drivers are the real Santa Clauses of Australia, tirelessly working during the holidays to ensure our gifts are delivered and our supermarkets are stocked. 

It’s important to remember that roads are their workplace and to treat them with respect. They play a crucial role in our festive spirit, so we must ensure their safety and ours.” 

The campaign will feature across social media to increase public awareness about safe driving practices around heavy vehicles during the busy holiday travel period. 

NHVR acting corporate affairs executive director Steve Smith says that partnering with diverse and influential figures has been essential in amplifying the campaign’s reach and success. 

“Their ability to engage with wide audiences across different sectors has brought great attention and support to our road safety message and we’re excited to continue this over the busy Christmas period,” Smith says. 

“Through this campaign, we’re not just spreading a message; we’re building a community of informed and cautious drivers. 

“Each of us plays a crucial role in making our roads safer.”

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