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NHVR promotes truckie wellbeing for Men’s Health Week

The NHVR wants truck drivers to be aware of both their physical and mental health as it urges a timely reminder

The mental and physical wellbeing of truckers is being put to the forefront this week by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) for Men’s Health Week.

As the backbone of Australia’s logistics network, truck drivers face unique challenges, including enduring long hours on the road and extended periods of isolation away from family and friends.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto says Men’s Health Week is an opportunity for truck drivers to reflect and prioritise their mental and physical wellbeing in an industry where demands are high and distances are vast.

“We know both mental and physical health issues are overrepresented in heavy vehicle drivers – the nature of the transport industry means drivers are often sitting down for hours at a time, which can negatively impact their health,” he says.

“It’s critical that drivers are managing their health by exercising, eating healthy foods and getting enough rest and sleep.”

Petroccitto says truckies need to be putting their health in the driver’s seat, not only for themselves, but for all road users.

“We are calling upon our industry partners to join us in fostering a culture that values and supports the mental health of our trucking workforce and reduces the stigma associated with seeking support,” he says.

Through the Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative program, the NHVR is actively working to enhance mental health resources and access for truck drivers by funding projects such as OzHelp Foundation’s Health in Gear program.

The program focuses on health and wellbeing and includes an on-road presence, online support, information and counselling services for transport and logistics workers.

OzHelp CEO Caroline Walsh says Health in Gear provides vital support for people working in the transport industry by taking the support on the road and getting services to locations that are accessible and convenient for drivers.

“Truck drivers are the second-highest industry group at risk of suicide in Australia,” she says.

“We want truck drivers to know that while the road may be long, you’re never alone.”

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