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NHVR introduces user-friendly compliance module for defect reporting

The NHVR has launched a new module that simplifies defect notice management for operators in the heavy vehicle industry

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has taken a significant step towards simplifying the process of managing defect notices with the launch of a new online module on the NHVR Portal.

The module, known as the NHVR Portal – Compliance Module, is initially available to operators under the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS).It provides operators with a comprehensive overview of defect notices issued to individual vehicles across their entire fleet, facilitating more efficient tracking and proactive defect management. 

Paul Salvati, the NHVR Chief Operations Officer, emphasised the regulator’s dedication to exploring innovative solutions that enhance compliance management for the heavy vehicle industry. 

“Our goal at NHVR is to enhance productivity and safety within one of Australia’s most vital industries. This new module on the NHVR Portal achieves precisely that by granting timely and simplified access to crucial compliance information,” Salvati says. 

At present, operators often face challenges in receiving timely notifications of defects, which can adversely affect fleet management. By consolidating the defect history of the entire fleet onto a centralised platform, operators can readily identify defect trends, promptly address issues, and improve fleet maintenance. 

This proactive approach will ultimately decrease the number of defects issued to operators, thereby raising vehicle standards in the heavy vehicle industry. 

The NHVR says it remains committed to harnessing technology to enhance safety, boost productivity, and elevate heavy vehicle standards, benefiting all road users. NHVAS operators can access the new module using their existing accounts, while non-NHVAS operators will gain access by the year’s end. 

For additional information about the module, you can visit the NHVR’s Portal Help Centre and Portal Compliance Module FAQs. If you seek further details regarding defects, including the clearance processes, you can visit the Heavy Vehicle Defects Webpage. 

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